The Maghreb has witnessed consistent growth over the last decades. The countries of the Maghreb remain stable and prosperous both politically and economically. Regional leadership is now committed to further pursue economic development, making full use of many untapped local re-sources. Their key priorities are to increase and diversify the energy supply, and manage public costs. Renewable Energies are recognized as offering the opportunity to reduce dependence on imports while generating employment and cutting greenhouse gas emission, with the potential for future green electricity exports to Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is seen as a particularly important opportunity because of its ability for storage and the chance build up a local sup-ply industry in an emerging industry. As such, the common ambition is to rapidly increase the renewable energy production, aiming to be at the fore-front of the renewables’ market within the next 10 years.

Besides the commitment of the five governments, achieving the expected levels of energy production will require, coordination along the supply chain, as well as full cooperation of the private sector, the international energy industry, investors, and financial institutions.

The Union of Maghreb in collaboration with Symexco Ltd are delighted to announce the first International Conference and Exhibition on Renewable Energy in Maghreb to be held in Marrakech onDecember 2018. Under the patronage of the Secretary General of the Union, key government officials of the Maghreb countries will attend and present to potential investors the yet largely untapped potential and investment opportunities in renewable energy in their countries.