We are delighted to inform you that Symexco, in cooperation with the Arab Maghreb Union will host a conference and exhibition on renewable energies in Morocco, treating on the developments and potentials for clean energies in Algeria, Libya, Mauretania, Morocco and Tunesia. Under the patronage of the Union key government officials of the Maghreb countries will attend and present the yet largely untapped potentials of their countries.

It is evident that the countries of the Maghreb will experience significant growth over the next decade. The countries are becoming the world’s leaders in generating renewable energy and have ambitions to rapidly increase their renewable energy production. However, to achieve the expected levels of energy production will require coordination along the supply chain and active contribution from the governments of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauretania and Libya, and the private sector as well as from the international energy industry, investors and financial institutions.

The International Conference and Exhibition on Energy and Investment in Maghreb is therefore an essential event as it addresses these concerns and other issues at a critical time in Maghreb economic and industrial redevelopment. The event also directly addresses the urgent needs of the Maghreb countries’ private sector for substantial investment as well as the strategic and technical support from international companies. The ability of the Maghreb countries to achieve their full development potential and energy sufficiency will be strengthened by contributions of the international energy industry and substantial foreign investment.

Mr Taieb Baccouche

The conference will have the patronage of the secretary general of the Arab Maghreb Union

Mr Taieb Baccouche

Secretary General of the Arab Maghreb Union

The countries of the Maghreb, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauretania will send delegations of their government and institutions

Why Attend?

  • Get acquainted with one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world, learn about highly profitable markets with high return on investment
  • Network with international institutions and partners in the market to maximise your profits and reach
  • Discover new, untapped opportunities for investment in the planet friendly renewable energy Industry
Conference 2018

Why Renewable Energy?

  • Clean and safe, help clean up and preserve the planet
  • Ever increasing efficiency and availability through new technology, be a part of it
  • Huge financial substitution by the international community, benefit from it
  • Partake in making the Paris Accords of 2015 real
  • Full political baking of the governments, meet the Ministers and see what they can do for you
  • Through the connection of the North African and European Energy Markets the countries of the Maghreb are ready to export their clean energy to Europe, now is the time to benefit from the continuous need of the major European countries for electricity.
Conference 2018


The environmental benefits of renewable energy

  • Renewable energy has endless potential. It will never run out.
  • Renewable energy is cheaper than other forms of energy. Its facilities require less maintenance than traditional generators.
  • Renewable energy is clean. It produces little or no waste products, such as carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants.
  • Renewable energy brings economic benefits to many regional areas, as most projects are located away from large urban centres.
  • Renewable energy is reliable. Solar and wind panels are distributed over a large geographical area and weather disruptions will not cut off power to an entire region. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are vulnerable to political instability, international trade disputes or political con-flict.
  • Renewable energy helps stabilize energy prices. Since the cost of renewable energy is dependent on the invested money and not the decreas-ing or inflated cost of the natural resource, governments would only pay a small amount in comparison to the needlessly heavy pricing of the energy prices we are currently witnessing.
Maghreb Renewable Energy 2018